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You are Here, Come On In & {GIVE AWAY}

I walked into Michael's the other and quite literally gasped when I saw all the bright and sunny welcome mats for sale. I mean come ON...who doesn't want to cross over a rainbow on the daily? And if you live in New England, you know that we'll take any peeks of summer we can get!

So I grabbed a photo of some of the happy mats to share with you, along with a cheerful invitation to come on in and explore The Bird & Bear Collective site.

And listen to this, you can also enter yourself in our very first Bird & Bear Collective {GIVE AWAY}! I'll be selecting 5 people to receive one of these happy welcome mats for their home! Here's what you can to do to be entered in the GIVE AWAY:

1. Like our Facebook Page (1 points)

2. Share this Facebook Post (2 points)

3. Follow on Instagram (3 points)

4. Tag 5 Friends on Instagram Feed (5 entries)

5. Subscribe to the Blog (5 entries)

The more points the better...and if you are like me, you like to win!


If you were at my house, you'd step over over the colorful rainbow mat and I'd say "Welcome!" "You are Here!" "Please, come on in!" {Hug, Hug} The same is true for this space. So step on in and go get yourself entered in the Give Away!



The Homepage is a place where you can read about the mission and vision of The Bird and Bear Collective. It's also the place where you can find links to each of the pages that are imagined and curated for you.


The Blog is a place for ideas, stories, reflections and inspirations. Listen up on this next bit...! This is not just a place for my {Erin's} ideas, stories, reflections and inspirations...but a place where we'll invite others to share theirs...including an invitation to YOU to share YOURS. I am very excited to welcome guest bloggers, story tellers, idea sharers, interviews and more. You do NOT need to be a blogger or even consider yourself a writer, but if you have something to share with the world, there is a place for you here!


The Events page is an invitation to gather, learn, create and explore. We have several coming up, that we welcome you to check-out...including:

6/2 Bird & Bear Launch Party

6/4 Yoga & Essential Oils Workshop

6/11 Mom & Me Fun on the Farm Workshop for Pre-Schoolers

6/12 Stamp Your Own Jewelry

6/24 Call to Courage Movie & Leadership Discussion

6/26 Summer Survival Kit Workshop for Kids & Teens

Check em' out and check back often for events happening throughout the summer and months to come. And if you have a talent, passion or conversation that you you like to bring to the collective, click over to "Collaborate" page to chat! There is where you can also contact us if you'd like to bring a unique event, experience or custom workshop for your office, team or friend group.


The Handmade page will be for a collection of gifts and unique items created by local artisans. We are still assembling our first items to be featured here within the collective, and look forward to sharing them with you. There is also an invitation to makers (near and far) to chat with us on how we can partner to feature your talents and handmade treasures within the collective.


The Photography page is an invitation to make some memories under the twinkle lights. Within the page you will find information on booking a family photo shoot as well as a portrait gallery.


The Wellness page is a focus on self-care through essential oils and wellness through movement. You'll have the opportunity to learn more about getting started with essential oils, as well as information on our custom M&E Wellness Workshops.


The Collaborate page is invitation to collaborate, create, share your gifts, stories, teachings or writings within the collective. It is our hope that this collective will grow and be enriched with incredible beauty and depth through providing words, events, resources and connections that are encouraging to all the mama, papa and baby birds and bears of the world.


So that's just a peek...and's also just the beginning! Happy Saturday!

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