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Whatcha Cookin' Good Lookin'

This time of year is tricky for me when it comes to meal prep and time in the kitchen. Our backyard garden is at peak, meaning there's always inspiration for a healthy salad, but the change in temps has us craving a warm bowl of chili topped with gooey cheese and tortilla chips. We are transitioning from easy picnics at the lake, or burgers in the backyard with friends, to gathering around the dinner table as a family with the sun setting earlier and earlier each day. Mornings are rushed with packing lunches, catching the bus and getting to work on time, and the afternoons are jammed with homework, practices and new deadlines leaving little time or energy for dinner prep.

It's tricky, but I take comfort in knowing many of us birds and bears are in this together. While I so wish we could all gather around the table to share a meal, or swap recipes at the bus stop, like my sweet neighbor and I did last week, I also wish for this space to provide a place for us to connect, collect and inspire one another.

This has lead me to wondering if any of The Bird & Bear Collective readers have a passion for the kitchen, or find joy in gathering new recipes? If so, there are two things I'd like to whisper an invitation to...


1. Might you share with us a link to a recipe that is feeding your belly and making you smile these days? I'd like to gather these up to share in a future blog post.

2. Would you be interested in writing a food blog post from time to time for The Bird & Bear Collective? If yes, just send me a note...what fun this would be!

Let's all connect around a virtual Bird & Bear Collective table!


And with that, I'll leave you with this -- a photo of yours truly, calling you with the most gigantic sweet potato I've ever seen, to say..."Whatcha cookin' good lookin'?"

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