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Welcome In {Albeit Virtually}

Birds & Bears -- it is our joy and pleasure to introduce and welcome you to The Bird & Bear Collective's new home! This bright and dreamy new space is located in one of the historic mill buildings, just steps from the Rail Trail in Holliston, MA.

At a time when so much of the world is in quarantine or in a state of sickness, grieving, loneliness, joblessness, worry, fear and's a hard to find the right words to express the true excitement and hope we have in a future when we can gather again.

Please know that we in no way want to minimize any of the hard that is around us right now, but instead felt that sharing this lil’ square, and welcoming you in {albeit virtually} to our new space might bring a sprinkle of hope and cheer in midst of so much hard.

We are thrilled to have you all here, virtually and in spirit, as we begin this next season of nesting & resting, exploring & soaring. We love you, welcome, and look forward to much more to come!

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