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Unofficial Official

Today will kinda feel like the last “official” day of May in a few unconnected collective ways.

First, because tomorrow we head into a holiday weekend, one that always seems to mark the unofficial start of summer, while also remembering all those who sacrificed in service to our country.

Second, because in just a couple days the pandemic status shifts and mask mandates will be lifted as we commence a new level of reopening.

Third we remember where our country was a year ago this week with the rise of the BLM movement and the voices, stories, truths, and realities that we’ve learned must shape more of our days.

And for us at the Bird & Bear we wrap up our first “trimester” of being open in our new space...and are feeling the feels of home sweet home, but with lessons learned and continued improvements underway.

Today we’ll be finishing up a new chalkboard wall in the entryway of our building, where we’ll feature all the upcoming hours & happenings at the Bird & Bear.

It’s a project I started weeks ago that left me with paint stained hands for days.

Today on this last “official” day of May I’m going to finish this project, and I look forward to bringing more painted hands into this “unofficial” start of the new season to that I pray upon pray, for myself and for all, continually has love better at its center ... in this unofficial and official opening of summering, remembering, pandemic shifting, mandate lifting, continued racial reckoning, purposeful gathering, and collective life living, leading, and loving.

Together let’s love better Birds & Bears.

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