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To-Do List Togetherness

The re-entry morning after a long holiday weekend is often tough. We miss having everyone under one roof for a few days. We long for more fun with our friends. We cherish memories made. We linger in the love that was shared. We resent the loads of laundry that have piled up. We yearn for the same hustle and motivation that carried us into the weekend.

Alas, we must get going and answer the call of a new week. One ripe with promise, and the urge to accomplish what is before us.

As I sit before my to-do list, anxious to fill it with all of the things, know that I'm thinking of each of you...of us...and how we are all in this together.

Whether it be during a morning commute, or opening an inbox after a weekend of signing off. Whether it be standing in front of a kitchen sink, or pushing a cart at the grocery store. Whether it be working out at the gym, or singing in the shower. Whether it be in the office, or the laundry room. Whether it's already happened, or not, because the denial is real. Whatever it is, know that we are in this together, and that is encouraging.

So a question for you. What does the weekly list process look like for you? Is it jotted in pencil on paper, or a typed list on your phone? Did you make it last night, or first thing this morning? Do you sort it by tasks, or by days of the week? Are you a block scheduler, or a free-spirited moment to moment task doer. Are you overwhelmed by what's on there, or excited to accomplish it all? Let's share and feel the motivation and strength of To-Do List Togetherness!


If you too are curious what the to-do list process looks like for the Birds & Bears in your world, share this post and find out!

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