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The Bird & Bear is ONE

One year ago today I introduced The Bird & Bear Collective to this world. I’m not feeling very celebratory about it, because honestly, I’m pretty sad, restless and Mama Bear ANGRY that so much is on hold, restricted and completely unknown.

Molly and I talked all about this on today’s “Made Up Talk Show” — all growling, claws out, kicking rocks, breaking plates feels! {Replay over on FB in our story)

That being said, I’m coming at you with a smiling growl and fierce love to say Happy Birthday Bird & Bear Collective and THANK YOU to so many of YOU for being a part of this and sticking with us. We cannot wait to create, dream, learn, share and lead...nest, rest, explore and soar with you in the next year to come! It WILL happen, in some way, we believe!


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