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Road Trip Must Haves - Summertime Blog Series Post #3

Happy Friday Birds & Bears! Is there anything better than a summertime weekend? Well, I guess extended week+ vacations, but you know what I mean! Summer stirs in us the itch to escape the every day and explore new places.

I am the road tripper who dislikes the process of packing up for time away -- it exhausts me, and strains (ahem strengthens my marriage) before we even leave. I have friends who get excited about this process -- the planning and packing brings excitement and energy. I don’t get that. Regardless of where you fall, I thought it would be fun to share our road trip must haves. I can always use some inspiration for packing, and maybe your ideas will inspire me, and others too!


Here are my 5 road trip must haves and the why...

Snacks -- no brainer, and one of our favorite ways to kick-off any road trip. While fueling up at the gas station we each get to pick out 1-2 items for the ride. This keeps everyone happy, and the need for sharing to a minimum. It also ensures we don't eat through all of our groceries before we get to where we are going. My current favorite is the Wasabi Ranch Harvest Snaps - yum!

Hat & Sunglasses -- well because we are a sunroof open, windows down family, so we gotta protect our cheeks from the sun and keeps our hairs from getting stuck in our gum.

Audio book -- we have lots of different opinions on road trip music, so sometime we gotta swap from tunes to an audio book. I shared earlier in my "Whatcha Reading" post, that Trevor Noah's Born a Crime is our current listen.

Essential oils -- I never leave home without these.We have oils going in the car to help keep the moods lifted (aka keep your hands to yourself) and car sick nausea away. I also always have my to-go bag of oils so we are equipped while away from home for sleep, boo boos, emotions and energy to make the most of our time away.

Calendar and notebook -- long car rides provide the perfect opportunity to discuss upcoming family plans, make new ones and jot down some notes to remember. I also always have a notebook and pencils in case the need for sentence writing comes to be (more about this in my next Summertime Blog Series...).


So, tell us, what's on your must have list...or at the very least your favorite snack? Happy exploring and soaring birds and bears!

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