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Productivity P's

Monday motivation from what I call my “Productivity Ps”.

I shared these at a recent Power Hour at the Bird & Bear, and the girls said I should write them down. And as a girl who loves her a good list, blog, book, podcast, or meme I thought why not. And because we want to hear yours too...we are a collective don’t forget!

Here are my “Productivity Ps” I use to structure and guide my propel productivity & potential...and to battle my arch nemesis procrastination!

PRAY: How I start & end day.

POPCORN: I heard this somewhere and I love me some popcorn too. Popcorn is where I simply dump onto a piece of paper all the little kernels or nagging to-dos that are popping around in my brain. I don’t structure them at all, I simply pour them out of the popper that is my brain and into a bowl that is a piece of paper.

PLAN: This is where I look at the popcorn paper, my calendar, and then make the to-do list plan of attack.

PERSPIRE: AKA workout or walk the dog.

PREP: This is where any errands, shopping or orders take place...things I need to get the big stuff on my to-do list done. It’s where I take out the food that needs to be defrosted. Where I make the appointments. Or it’s where I prep my people for what is coming their way. This one looks different every time...but it’s meant to be focused, quick, and what I need to have in order to propel the next P.

PRODUCE: This is my lock-down, get it done, check the boxes time. It’s where the output happens. It’s in the tangible DOING of the work, creating, home, chore, or whatever small or significant calendar block is on the agenda.

PLAY: This is for anything fun, quality time, fill the buckets of our hearts and relationships. It’s for the moments of reset, recharge and reward.

POPCORN: While I try not to snack in the evening, I do try to make one more bowl of popcorn before I hit the hay. This is for any kernels I need to get out of my head, so that I sleep well or simply don’t forget the next day!

PRAY: How I begin and end each day.

Those are mine, what about yours?

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