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Life's A Bencher

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

A special Father's Day guest post from Katie Ambrosini. Katie is a Mom of 4, owns her own Photography Business, is an Executive Director for Beautycounter and is the Co-Creator of the new Porch and Patio Podcast. She recently shared her heart on Facebook, and we asked if might be open to sharing here on The Bird & Bear Collective too.

Read how she is finding beauty and strength in the midst of mourning, through this every day place in her home.

Our entryway has easily become one of my most treasured places in our home. It's the first thing I see when I come downstairs each morning and it’s the view from my office. It’s where we greet guests and where we say goodbye.

The mirror is from my parent’s house, the bench was my Grandmother’s and the Wheaton hat was my Dad’s.

My sweet Dad passed away earlier this year, but this weathered and stained hat still smells like him, and I will forever remember how we wore it so proudly at all my college soccer games. It now hangs on the hook, along with these other treasures from my past, as a reminder that he is always here with us.

My Dad was always my sounding board for all of life's curveballs and he was the calm to my storm. He always looked at life as a bencher. To not sweat the petty stuff and for every problem strive for a solution.

He had a brilliant mind, a big heart, and a love for life. He is greatly missed and remembered every single day.

I snapped this photo, and share it here, so that maybe it will pop up on my feed again someday, reminding me of where I was at this moment and how I have grown. The lessons I have learned, and the struggles I have overcome. It also serves as a reminder to continue to channel his bencher heart and to live this life to it's fullest.

Thank you so much for sharing Katie - and we are sending Bird & Bear hugs to you as ups remember and miss your Dad this weekend.

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