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June Happenings

Well it wasn't quite the Memorial Day Weekend we New Englanders dreamed of, but maybe you are like us and feeling grateful for a time to tuck in, cozy up, and perhaps do a little bit of nesting and resting before all the summertime exploring and soaring we are planning.

As we prepare to flip the calendar to June, we wanted to give you a glimpse of all that's coming up here at the Bird & Bear. We would love to see you at one of our upcoming workshops ~ and in the shop too!

To register or RSVP for upcoming events and workshops simply visit our website at:

6/2: Productivity Power Hour (9am)

6/3: Frogs & Butterflies with Play To Grow (12:30pm)

6/5: Pop-Up with 62 Soaps

6/6: Fine Art Gallery Pop-Up with Artist Cherie Clinton

6/7: College Search & Planning with Jenn Prince

6/9: Productivity Power Hour (9am)

6/9: Money Matters with Kristen Heller (11am)

6/9: Garden Planters with Peas, Love & Parsley (7pm)

6/14: Bird & Bear's Favorite Essential Oils (7pm)

6/15: Yoga with Melanie Harrington of The Yoga Exchange (8:15am)

6/15: Introduction to Publishing & Podcasting with Great & Main (7pm)

6/16: Productivity Power Hour (9am)

6/16: Vision Board with The Grounded Place (7pm)

6/18 & 6/19: Release of the Bird & Bear's Dad {& Dude} Day Box

6/22: Art Your Way Workshop with Heather Honekamp (7pm)

6/23: Productivity Power Hour (9am)

6/24: Yoga with Dawn Richardson of Positive Vibes (9:30am)

6/24: Design & Decor DIY with Shea Interiors (7pm)

& more to come!

To register or RSVP simply visit our events page at:

Okay, that's it for this rainy day update! We love hearing from you, so don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. Thank you for being part of this collective ~ a place where you can nest, rest, explore & soar.

Make it a great week Birds & Bears!

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