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Hello and Welcome to the Bird & Bear Collective

Helllloooooo, I'm Erin, and I want to personally welcome you to the Bird & Bear Collective. Whether you are hatching ideas, surviving the wilderness of life, or hibernating during a season of rest, I invite you to a place where you can nest and rest, explore and soar. This is a collective of programs, conversations and personal invitations imagined and cared for with the same fierce love and curiosity that we know is inside the mama, papa and baby birds and bears of our world.

You can learn more about the vision and plans for this space here, but for now, I'd like to wrap you in a big virtual hug and share 5 quick things about me {Erin} the maker of this space.


Here we go...

1. I am a self-defined Mrs & Mama {Bird and Bear}, Feminist, and Farmer who recently left a 15+ year career in Corporate Marketing and Gender Diversity Consulting with plans to leverage my education and experience, live fully in my passions and build something beautiful for the world.

2. I'm a #2 on the Ennegram and care deeply about community and connection, sisterhood and stories and believe that there is tremendous beauty and growth when we gather, share, listen, learn and love one another.

3. I married my high school sweetheart, Wes, and together we have the joy of raising up three incredible children, Ella, Bennett and Jane, on our little backyard farm in Medway, Massachusetts.

4. I love Jesus and find daily guidance and encouragement through His word, prayer and my relationships with my brothers and sisters on this side of heaven.

5. I find joy in thinking outside the box, writing, photography, gardening, coaching, wellness through essential oils, creating unique experiences and bringing people together under the twinkle lights in my own backyard.


So that's a little about me and who I am, but what I really want to tell you is this...

I did not create this space for me...I created it for us...a collective us. And while yes, it is being hatched out of the Mama Bird nest that is my heart, and is being nudged out of the den with my muddy Mama Bear paws, it is a space for collect, imagine, create and curate our passions, our stories our talents and our teachings for the wild we get to explore ever day.

The Bird & Bear Collective is built and imagined with the fierce love and curiosity that I believe is in all of us mama, papa and baby birds and bears of this world. And just as birds and bears differ in size and how they journey, they are also connected in how they protect, how they rest and how they explore the wilderness of life. And this I believe is true for each of us.

So, welcome to the Bird & Bear Collective, I am so glad you are here!

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