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A Summertime Blog Series

Hello, hello my Bird & Bear friends! I hope your summer has been a total splash!

When I launched this space a couple months ago, I shared that it was a space for those resting and nesting, exploring and soaring. But then it was like I got lost in the wilderness.

While I have had the pleasure of seeing many of you at our Bird & Bear events like Yoga & Oils, or for family photographs here at the barn, it's been pretty quiet over here in the words space. And well, I guess that is because it's summer, and that inevitably means two things:


1. Summer days are for summertime resting and nesting, exploring and soaring, surviving and thriving. We are little over half-way through our summer break and our days have been filled with splashing, playing, adventuring, crafting, gardening, reading, picnicking and ice cream licking. It's been good, and while some days can feel long, there also just hasn't been the time or quiet space for this place.

2. I'm a mom of teens and tweens, and well, that means I have a sometimes icky feeling responsibility to model healthy screen time behaviors. This has been super tough to balance, especially when I'm filled with excitement to grow a community and start this business. Instead I've had to wrestle this -- the pressures and desires to be in both places. But I'm learning, as well as learning how to give myself a heck of a lot grace along the way too.


But I miss you. I really do. I'm also SUPER curious what summer days look like for each of you. I love hearing, sharing and learning how you are making the most of your days.

And so, here at this half-way point of summer...I wanted to dive back in and share a little summer blog series entitled..."How We Summer." I've got 5 posts planned, and I'm hoping you'll share what you've been up to along the way as well!


Here's what's coming...

1. Summer bucket list {see below}

2. Whatcha reading

3. How I keep my kids from becoming feral animals

4. Road trip must haves

5. We gotta eat, but who wants to cook


So here we go with Post #1... "Summer Bucket List." Tell me, do you create one every year? Or are your season favorites so instilled that you don't need no list?

Ours are pretty instilled, but at this half-way point it's good to do a little check-in. The back half of summer flies by faster than the front half, and so I want to make sure we make the effort to get to it all!

I created this little graphic that best portrays our family's summer bucket list. These are 'must do' summer activities, and what I want my kids to remember about their childhood. What are the 'must do' summer activities on your list? We all want to know!

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