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Happy Mother's Day Mama Birds and Mama Bears

Today on Mother's Day I lift up in love and cheer the mama birds and bears everywhere.


The newest ones like my Sister-in-Law Leigh, and the most experienced ones like my own mom, Audrey.

The ones who are longing like my dear friend Christina, and those in the trenches of potty training, car pools or college decisions, like Astrid, Betsy and Julie.

The ones who have children who passed away from illness, like my sweet friend Kate, and those who never got to meet their baby who died in utero, like another friend, who is also named Kate.

The ones who are wishing for a quiet moment like my friend Ashley, and those who are missing the loud like my Mother-in-Law Judy.

The ones who are a mama to many like my friend Kristin, and those who don't think of themselves as mamas but cover their work and relationships with the same fierce love, like my friend Jess.

The ones who get to every event like my friend Moira, and those who can't because of work and travel like my friend Mary.

To those missing their own moms today, like my friend Joanna, and those who are feeling like they must now be a mom to their mom, like my friend Beth.


Cheers to those who are tracking nap and feeding schedules on their phone and those managing technology time and social media apps on their kid's phone.

Cheers to those who are up all night with a crying baby and those waiting for their teenager to pull in before curfew.

Cheers to those who are #1 fans in the bleachers, and those who are a volunteer coach to many.

Cheers to those who just wish their kids would eat what you made them, and those who don't understand why it's time to go to the grocery store yet again.

Cheers to those who are parenting on their own, and those who are step-moms to children not technically their own.

Cheers to those with a baby wrapped around their leg, and those who have to reach up to hug their kid's neck.

Cheers to those who are straightening neck ties, and those learning to tie a bustle.

Cheers to those who are making lists, and those are lifting prayers.

Cheers to those who cry at everything, and those who only cry when no one is looking.


Today I celebrate you with the words from this card I wish I could send to you all...

"Thank you for cleaning the messes and combing the tresses, kissing the falls and breaking down walls, and teaching me to sing, that I can do anything."

Happy Mother's Day from The Bird & Bear Collective.


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