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Over the weekend I escaped to the mountains for 24 hours of renewal and sisterhood with some girlfriends. There was coffee, wine, shopping, laughter, secrets, snacks and perhaps the best car time I've had in a long, long time.

Given schedules, I ended up driving up and back by myself...and it was everything. Back to back podcasts, a new book on audible, complete silence and a "need-to-pee" detour that landed me at a local farm where I bought some cheese and got a private tour from the farmer who introduced me to their baby cows and pigs, and let me collect some eggs from the hen house. Needless to say, it pretty much made this farm girl's day.

Every bit of the weekend inspired me to slow down and to breathe deep. To fill the precious minutes away from the hustle of home with rest, listening, adventure, prayer and renewal. It was the perfect balance of nesting & resting, exploring & soaring...oh which just so happens to be the "tag line" for this Bird & Bear Collective space.

Because like birds and bears, who go through seasons of nesting or hatching, resting or hibernating, exploring the wilderness or soaring the skies, so must we. Whether it aligns with the change of season, is inspired by the rhythms of our homes, careers or schedules, or even if it's found in a 24 hour period of just getting away.

For me, and maybe for many of you, this past weekend also happened to mark the end of a very full fall season. There were final practices, games, celebrations, hugs and high fives with the families we did so much life with this season. This weekend also brought a clock change and the first official frost, making it oh so clear that winter is coming.

When I woke up early in the mountains so I could rush back to catch the final games for my kids, and while I waited for my car to defrost I took a little walk and happened to catch a glimpse of the most beautiful morning fog as it greeted the overnight frost that settled in the valley of the mountains. I then got into my car, all bundled up and ready to get back to reality, and looked down and was once again was reminded to breathe as I caught glimpse of the new bracelet I had just gifted myself at last week's Bird & Bear Collective workshop with PT Color Market. Breathe.

Breathe. Pause. Pay attention. Renew. Pray. Give thanks. Linger. These moments are often fleeting, but the meaningfulness and purpose of these moments that are woven into the fibers of our hustle is what keeps us going and prepares us for the new season to come. Oh how I'm grateful for that.


Have you had a chance to breathe before the beginning of the new season to come? A season that will be filled to the brim with all kinds of holiday hustle, year-end sprinting and important goal setting for the year (ahem decade) to come? Your time to pause may not look like a girls' weekend away, or the peace of a quiet car time, or a "need-to-pee" detour adventure with adorable animals, or while catching a breathtaking view while you wait for your car to defrost...but the moments are there...if you remind yourself to just breathe, pause, linger and take it all in.

Tonight I get to do this with some amazing and beautiful women at a workshop I'm hosting tonight called "This is Me!" at The Thayer House. Together we'll gather to pause & breathe, connect & collect, listen & learn...through stories, creativity, encouragement and sisterhood. I'm oh so excited. If you are local to Medway, and feel like you could use a time for some of this, just let us know and we'll make space for you to be there.

Now go breathe, nest and rest dear birds & bears...because there is a wilderness to explore and skies to soar.

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