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Bites for Balance

These delicious little bites of energy were one of the favorite treats at last week's "This is Me!" event, as well as the last two mornings of "Yoga & Oils" in the barn. They were prepared for by our resident Bird & Bear Collective yogi and treat maker, Molly Bradosky.

I asked Molly if she would share with us the recipe, as they are the most perfect bite of energy, harvest season and nourishment. I plan to make batches of these as an alternative to cookies this holiday season - that is, if I don't eat them all first!

Thank you for sharing Molly!

My astrological sign is libra. The libra symbol is a scale. It’s all about balance, and I can get behind that! I am constantly trying to find balance in all things, not just on my yoga mat.

Although I’m not actually into astrological signs I can get behind the libra balanced life. To that point I looooove to bake and strive to find tasty but healthy alternatives. This is where my love of raw bars and energy bites was born. I geek out reading online recipes way more than a normal human. I also read the ingredients of as many of the boxed bars at the grocery store (before my 4 year old implodes with boredom).

I have come to just throw ingredients in the blender tweaking until it’s the right consistency and flavor. If you were at our November 7th wellness workshop or at yoga in the barn the next day, you may have tried these balls. I made them again an actually wrote down the ingredients. Enjoy before a morning yoga class with some hot detox tea or a healthy afternoon snack.

P.S. if you don’t like white chocolate it has been nice being your friend.

               Ginger Cran White Chocolate Bites

1 1/2c almond butter( or your fav nut butter) 1c dates (about 20 pitted whole dates) 1/2c oats (you could sub with protein powder if that’s how you roll) 1/2c crystallized ginger 1/4c honey (or any liquid sweetener) 1/4c dried cranberries 1/4c white chocolate chips (optional)

In a Cuisinart type blender, mix the nut butter and dates until date chunks disappear. Add oats, honey and ginger until it is well chopped. Add the cranberries and whites chocolate and simply mix in by hand. I use a small cookie scoop to scoop out balls and roll them in my hands into bite size balls. This recipe makes about 26. Store in an air tight container in the fridge or freezer 

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