Before the Leaves Fall

We are coming to end of a long-weekend here in New England. It's been filled to the brim with the best of, leaf peeping, bonfires, apple picking, flannel, pumpkins and even a chili cook-off, cheerleading competition and beautiful wedding too!

We have lived it up with friends and family, along with an undeclared, yet quiet knowing that perhaps the next time we gather, play, eat, drink and are merry together it will be Thanksgiving, Christmas or even New Year's. It's in the back of our minds when we talk plans, and in our hearts when we hug goodbye.

Do you feel this?

Well, I have undoubtedly felt this way the last few years in mid-October. As a family whose days follow the school calendar, our energy and focus are centered on beginning the new year, adjusting to new schedules and feeling all the feels of another academic year. And as an adult, who also happens to have a January birthday and who worked for years and years in a corporate career that was measured by quarters, this time of year inspires a time of measuring progress, reflecting on what's been and planning for what's to come.

And so, each Columbus Day weekend, with the vibrant and glorious glow of fall all around us, and before the leaves fall, we are reminded and encouraged to pause and take notice, celebrate and rest, reflect and reset. This timing always seems to be just right for this. With a good part of the year behind us, the beginning of a new school year in progress, and in advance of the hustle and fullness of the holiday season to come.

In our family the weekend concludes with us gathered around the table for left over chili and homemade apple pie, and time to talk about what's working, and what's not...what's happened, and what's to come.

Because by this time each year, we know how much homework is typical and how much sleep is needed. We have an idea of how much time we need to get ready in the morning and to settle down in the evening. We have seen where there is space in our schedules for work and chores, play and cheer, adventure and rest. And by this time each year, we should begin to reflect on where we've made progress and what planning is needed for things to come.

So with a full belly and a happy heart, I'll close this post and the long weekend with some of my favorites words by Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables ..."I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."


If you could use a time to rest, reflect and reset before the leaves fall, join The Bird & Bear Collective on the evening of November 7th for "This is Me! A Women's Wellness Workshop" taking place in Medway at the historic Thayer House. You'll leave with full belly & happy heart too!

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