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Open to all runners, but designed for those that run (or walk) a
10-13 minute mile. 


Need Space to feel inspired & Productive?

The Bird & Bear is a place for meaningful, productive, and intentional work.

Make this space your office, boardroom, studio, or simply an escape from the distractions at home.

You can also host your meeting or retreat here!

"Being an entrepreneur can often feel lonely, but I feel like I have co-workers here ... and new friends too!"

"I started working from home during the pandemic, the space at the Bird & Bear is way better than my dining room table!"

"My team and I loved having our 2022 strategy and planning retreat at the Bird & Bear! We can't wait until the next one!"

Invitations & Opportunities
Productivity Pass
$75 (includes 5 visits)
Love working at the Bird & Bear?
Make it easy & get a Productivity Pass.

Nest & Rest
$20 per day
Plan a productive day at the Bird & Bear! Simply bring your laptop, coffee, air pods, and planner, as you step into our space filled with abundant wifi and the quiet working inspiration of others.

Explore & Soar
$175-$250  for private meetings & events
Book a meeting, or host your clients for a day of productivity and planning in our inspired workspace.

Questions or interested in reserving your spot,
simply email us

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