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M&E 's Wellness


Custom programs that celebrate wellness and living with intention. 

Programs designed to lift women up, no matter what season of life they are in.

Programs created to celebrate wellness and living with intention.

Programs that invite you, or your teams, to pause in the midst of all the hustle, for a time of self-care and connection.

Molly & Erin {M&E} are passionate about building programs and experienes that lift up women through wellness (mind, body, heart and soul). 

Molly is a trained yoga instructor, mom of four children and loves to bake. She is skilled at guiding individual and groups in exercises that are restoring, grounding and empowering.

Erin is the Leader of the Bird & Bear Collective, as well as a feminist and farmer, mom of three.  She has been leading workshops and programs for women for over 10 years, and is skilled in designing custom programs that engage leaders and teams. 

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