Getting Started With Essential Oils

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The Best Way to Get Started

If you are wanting to begin your your journey to wellness through essential oils, the BEST way to get started is the Premium Starter Kit.


With it you’ll receive 12 everyday essential oils, a diffuser, a hand purifier, and a wholesale membership so you can order whenever you want with a 24% discount, no strings attached.



This is the best way to do it because we will get you plugged into our community and walk beside you- seriously SO much education- it’s how I recommend anyone who is interested in getting started to do so!

There are several other ways to get started as well - let's find a time to discuss. Simply us an email at

We are so excited to help you get started!

Natural Herbs

Common Questions

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated liquids from aromatic trees, flowers, bark, seeds and other plants. When grown, harvested and distilled properly, essential oils benefit our body’s systems in a variety of ways. Young Living essential oils are 100% pure, Grade A (therapeutic) oils that do not expire and can be used topically, aromatically and internally.

Why use essential oils?

We use essential oils to support our wellness journey, and well, because they are amazing. Here are  what they can do:

  • Because these oils are Grade A {Therapeutic} they can be diffused, applied topically and ingested to support our wellness

  • Reach every cell in our body within 20 when applied topically

  • When inhaled they can be detected in our blood stream within 26 seconds and are able to pass through the blood / brain barrier

  • Help eliminate toxins in our body

  • Help support each of our body systems (nervous, muscular, digestive, immune, reproductive, lymphatic and more)

  • Provide physical and emotional support

  • When diffused purify and oxygenate the air

What makes the Young Living oils unique?

Young Living has been around for 25 years and has set the standard for essential oil purity and authenticity through their “Seed to Seal” process.

  • Seed: every seed is verified for their potential

  • Cultivate: Young Living farms are dedicated to perfecting responsible and sustainable growing and harvesting methods

  • Distill: the cold, single distillation technique extracts the essential oils and preserves their natural constituents

  • Test: the distilleries never accept diluted, cut or adulterated oils; and guarantees consistent, verifiable quality oils.

  • Seal: the state of the art equipment ensures each bottle is carefully bottled, labeled, packaged and shipped worldwide.

What comes in the Premium Starter Kit

​Young Living has designed this starter kit to include oils to support a very wide range of needs! It also includes a diffuser which is our favorite way to use the oils. 

  • Membership also gets you access to education, resources, support & more!

  • I’m here for you anytime you have q’s!


Here are the super basics on each of the oils included in the kit:

  • Thieves: Immune support; Di-Gize: Digestive support (promotes healthy gut flora); Lavender: Emotional Support, Relaxant, Sleep aid; PanAway: Muscular support (think a natural bengay or icy hot); Peppermint: Digestive support and Increases Focus; Stress Away: Emotional support; Lemon: Uplifts mood, Invigorating and great to clean with; Raven: respiratory congestion - supports the sinuses and respiratory system; Frankincense: Emotional, Support, Skin (think anti-aging); Citrus Fresh: Mood lift, detox, odor remover; Valor: Anxious feelings and restlessness; Peace & Calming: a blend that does what it says! 

  • You also get samples of Thieves All Purpose Cleaner, Thieves Hand Purifier and Ningxia Red Wolfberry Supplement.


Okay I am ready, what should I do next? 


Sign up as a member + buy the premium starter kit. NOTE, there is no commitment of any kind if you purchase. Literally, just you snagging this kit for more than 50% off and receiving a membership so you can purchase when and if you want in the future (plus 24% off all future purchases, because hey, member perks!)

Why choose these oils and not cheap ones from the grocery store (or anywhere else, they are everywhere these days!)? 

Quality regulation does not exist regarding essential oils yet. Companies can put any filler or additive into what they call an “essential oil.” Most of what you find at the grocery store contains additional ingredients or has fillers in it. Young Living is the leader in the essential oils movement - with Young Living’s “Seed to Seal” standards you KNOW that you and your little ones are using the highest quality product without ANY dilution or chemical additives- yes please! I trust this company!


Once my kit arrives, then what?

You will receive a welcome package from Erin and will be added to her exclusive Facebook group with daily education, think classes on topics you want to know about (sleep, hormones, emotions, cleaning) - she is here to walk with you hand in hand!



Disclaimer: Any suggestions made on this site are very specific to Young Living essential oils and should not be used with oils from another source. Statements made on this website about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician. If you are currently on medication, please DO NOT STOP.